Garden Shed Suppliers

Pineca B2B is a garden shed supplier that has been in the business for more than two decades and currently a dropshipping business model which allows retailers to get garden sheds at affordable prices, which they can provide to the market at a profit. Dropshipping with garden shed suppliers is the way to take your business to the next level, and you do not need to invest much as all you will need is a laptop and a stable internet connection. You do not need to maintain an inventory as you only handle the goods once you get an order from a customer, and even then, you can choose to have us deal with the packaging and delivery processes, such that you do not deal with the garden sheds. In this way, you reduce the risks involved with damage to the buildings when they are in transit, and you thus shelter your business from such losses. Thanks to the fact that you will not handle inventory, you will not need a warehouse to store the goods, and you are thus able to start the business with minimal capital outlay.


At Pineca B2B, we handle the production of the garden sheds, as well as their packaging and delivery, and this all-round presence makes us renowned garden shed suppliers. Where you do not have enough money to handle the orders coming through your sales channel, our financing partner, Omni Capital Finance Limited, is happy to provide you with the required funds such that your business operations can run smoothly. The company offers an APR of 4.9%, and you can repay the outlay in monthly installments over twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months, thanks to the flexible payment terms. You will be happy to know that it only takes ten minutes to get an answer from us as to the same once you submit an online application, citing the need for funds.

Given that you will not handle the production and delivery processes, you will find that you will incur very little in the manner of costs while running this business.

Aesthetic Appeal

We are not working on buildings that will solely serve as functional spaces, but rather, we aim to provide clients with sheds that will enhance the look of their outdoors. By blending in with the natural environment, these spaces allow them to enjoy the raw beauty in their surroundings without stepping out of the sheds.


These sheds also serve other uses in addition to storage, and your clients can use them as spaces for playrooms, home offices, gyms, and saunas, amongst other purposes which may cross their minds. By walking into one of our showrooms or dropping by at the office, we can take you through the options that we have. Alternatively, you could take a tour of our site where you can see what we have on offer. And the good thing about us is that what you see is what you get and there are no hidden costs.


These sheds are comfortable throughout the year, regardless of the season, owing to the adequate insulation in place. From the walls to the roofs to the floors, there is insulation ensuring that optimum temperatures get maintained through the seasons. What’s more, there is noise insulation, and disturbances in the outdoors will not affect your clients’ experiences while in the sheds.


We use Nordic Pine or Scandinavian Spruce wood in our construction to ensure that the buildings are long-lasting, as you will see in the ten-year anti-rot warranties that we have in place. The wood undergoes treatment during processing to ensure that it is resistant to water, mushrooms, and pests, and you can thus rest assured that no element can weaken the structure of the shed.

Fast Delivery Periods

We deliver the garden sheds within four to eight weeks on average. The timing depends on the availability of the buildings as well as the region such that if the delivery takes place in Mainland England, Wales and France for an item that is in stock, the waiting period is four to eight working days. The delivery takes place to your base or client’s home as per your request in the forwarded order.

Contact us today for more information on our garden sheds. We are reachable via phone or email during our working hours, and you could also leave an online inquiry, and one of our agents will contact you with the requested details.