Where to buy log cabins?

Do you need to buy a log cabin built to the highest standards from a trusted manufacturer? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Pineca B2B has been making wooden buildings for more than two decades, and we thus have the know-how on how to approach the design, production, and delivery of these structures. We have a dropshipping program that allows you to provide these high-quality buildings to the market, without investing in a warehouse or maintaining an inventory. All you need to do is to create a sales channel and market the houses, and once you get an order, you forward it to us. We will take care of producing log cabins, packaging, and delivering them to your clients.

All you need to do is to have a stable internet connection and a laptop, as well as to establish relationships with your clients, leaving the rest to us. The costs associated with this business model are minimal, and where you lack adequate money to back the orders, you can get financing from our partner who will provide you with capital repayable in twelve to twenty-four months at a reasonable APR. All you need to do is to fill an online form as to the same, and we will have an answer within ten minutes, allowing you to get started on forwarding orders from your clients.

We have tons of log cabins that your clients can use for a variety of reasons. Whether they are looking for a quiet space where they can entertain their guests over the weekends or an extra room where their children can play or space to serve as a pool house, we have got their back. We have tons of designs, and they thus have lots of options from which they can choose.


All our wooden buildings feature pine or spruce wood construction, and the wood is natural, allowing the space to blend in with the environment, thus creating a lovely scene in the outdoors. The wood undergoes treatment before construction, and it is, therefore, resistant to humidity, insects, and mushrooms as well as weather elements which could otherwise damage the building. The log cabins feature resistance to moisture damage, and they come with ten-year anti-rot warranties. They also feature tongue and groove floor and roof boards, save for the Rennes which comes without a floor.

We have superior standard finishes for all our log cabins such that they feature thermal insulation, which makes them comfortable throughout the seasons. Additionally, they feature a reliable floor base, which adds to the durability of the structures — most of the products we have in stock feature interchangeable opposite walls.


All our products come to you straight from the factory, and you are thus able to enjoy huge savings on the upfront costs. The financing option from Omni Capital Finance Limited, which allows you to pay back the capital in twelve, eighteen, or twenty-four months with an APR of 4.9%.


We deliver the log cabins straight to your base or your client’s home as per the directions of the order you forward. During transportation, we ensure that the packages are solid, which allows your clients to enjoy safety and comfort.

Delivery takes four to eight days where the client leaves in mainland England, France or Wales and the log cabin of their selection is in stock. Where the delivery is taking place in mainland Scotland, the period takes eight to fifteen days. Where the log cabin is not in stock or the delivery is taking place in a faraway region, the delivery period lies anywhere from four to eight weeks.

Our drop shipping model also includes deliveries to other parts of the globe, and you can contact us for a quote on the same. You will find that for most log cabin deliveries to the Mainland UK and Europe, the delivery cost is part of the stated price. However, be sure to contact us about this, and we will be sure to give you a definite figure.

Customer Service

We are reachable by phone or email during our working hours, and we can assist you with anything you need regarding our log cabins. Additionally, you can drop by the office or visit our showrooms to talk to our experts in the field. Thank you.