Wholesale Modular Homes

Modular homes have become more popular over time as people seek to invest in less conventional structures that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. At Pineca B2B, we understand that home construction does not have to take place on-site, and we have been in the business for more than twenty years, delivering high-quality products to our clients all this while. We build the homes in our factory and deliver them straight to your base or client’s house upon the end of the construction, where the assembly can take place. With our dropshipping program, we ensure that your clients get the homes in solid packages that provide them with safety and comfort.

Why should you invest in our wholesale modular homes?


These houses have immense strength that enables them to withstand transportation as well as any other impacts that a traditional home would bear. We ensure that our products are durable through the use of Nordic Pine or Scandinavian Spruce wood, which we adequately treat to ensure that your building is safe from the effects of water, pests, and mushrooms. Additionally, we provide warranties for all our modular homes, which are a show of their sturdy structure. Thus, your clients are investing in a product that will serve them through the years.

Reduced Construction Time

You get to go through the various designs that we have, and you are welcome to tour our showrooms in Italy and France. While here, you can engage our experts on the different plans and see what works for your client’s budget and needs. Where you are unable to get to our showrooms, you can drop by our office or take a tour of the options that we have on our site. In this way, you can figure out which plan would ultimately work for your clients.

Where the design you have in mind is available, the home can be in your base or client’s home within four to eight working days for people living in mainland England, Wales, and France. For other regions, the delivery can take four to eight weeks. It is important to note that we also handle deliveries all over the globe and you can contact us for a price quote on the same. Compare this timing to what your clients would spend when building a traditional house, and they can see the significant time savings.

High Quality

We are all about ensuring high-quality in the designs of our homes, and we ensure that our plans are detailed to provide you with elegance and functionality. You will find that they feature very high safety standards which assure your clients of the security of their loved ones when living in these structures. Come rain or shine; nothing will be a deterrent to enjoying their time in these spaces, regardless of the season.

It also helps to note that the houses feature lots of insulation in the roofs, walls, and floors, as well as in the windows and doors, and they can thus rest assured that their stay in them will be comfortable all-year-round.

Speedy Completion

We work on the homes fast such that your clients can have them in an average of eight weeks, depending on the availability of the buildings. In this way, your clients spend less time in renting out a property, and they can move into these spaces within short periods. They thus get to save money that they would have used in leasing homes for the period that their home is under construction.

Sound Insulation

You will find that our spaces are better regarding acoustics such that sounds from one room do not carry to the other as you would find in the conventional homes. We have used several features to ensure the same, including the insulation of the walls, and this enables your customers to have a peaceful time when in the spaces.


We offer reasonable prices given that you get the buildings straight from us as the manufacturer, allowing you to forego the middleman costs. What’s more, we provide finance options in our dropshipping program, with the partnership of Omni Capital Finance Limited. They offer you the initial capital outlay that is repayable in twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months at an APR of 4.9%.

If you wish to join our dropshipping program to acquire our wholesale modular homes, contact us on our phone or email contacts, or drop by and let’s chat about the same.