Wholesale Sheds

For wholesale sheds with incredible ten-year anti-rot warranties, look no further than Pineca B2B, a manufacturing company that has been in business for the last two decades. We understand the need to have durable, elegant, and functional sheds in your clients’ outdoors, and we do all that we can to ensure that our sheds meet the highest standards in the market. All our wooden sheds feature Scandinavian Spruce or Nordic Pine wood construction, and the timber undergoes many processes, including treatment to give it resistance from water, pests, and mushrooms.

Our drop shipping program enables you to provide the same high-quality to your clients, without incurring costs related to maintaining inventory or storing the goods in a warehouse. Thanks to this program, all you need to do is to create a sales avenue through which you can market the sheds to your clients. When you get an order, you forward the same to us, and we take care of the production, packaging, and delivery processes.


First off, you get the wholesale sheds directly from Pineca B2B, and there are thus no middlemen in the process. Secondly, there are no hidden costs, and what you see is what you get, enabling you to have precise estimates of the prices as per the sheds. Additionally, you do not need to have the product in your stock and can make an order for it once you have a client for the same, which reduces costs related to maintaining an inventory. Where you have a client request but lack enough financial backing to go through with it, we have a financing partner, Omni Capital Finance Limited, who will provide you with funds for the same. They offer a fair APR of 4.9% at present, and you can repay the amount in monthly installments for a period of twelve, eighteen or twenty-four months. The approval process takes less than ten minutes, and on filling an online application, we will let you know if you are successful.


It is important to note that the wood in our sheds undergoes various treatment processes to ensure that it is resistant to weather elements as well as other factors that may threaten the longevity of your wooden shed. Thanks to the treatment, your clients do not have to worry about decay, and they can rely on these spaces for storage purposes, as entertainment purposes, as entertainments spots and other uses that they may have in mind. They can rest assured that their wooden sheds will be less susceptible to damage from pests and impacts as compared to ones that have not undergone such treatments.

Also, it is essential to note that we adequately weatherproof our sheds against the effects of the weather. We offer ten-year anti-rot warranties on all our wholesale sheds, which is a show of how durable they are.


Once you send an order our way, we will be sure to take care of the processes leading up to the delivery, such that your clients get the sheds in solid and plastic packages which will offer them safety and comfort as compared to separate parts. Delivery is free to most of the Mainland UK and Europe, so be sure to check with us as to what charges will apply as per the preferred location of your client. Where the delivery is taking place in Mainland England, France, and Wales, and we have the shed in stock, your client should receive the building in four to eight working days. Deliveries to mainland Scotland take about eight to fifteen working days where the shed is in stock. For other regions as well as where the shed is not available, the average delivery period takes four to eight weeks. The period is as per working days, and we will be sure to liaise with you as to the most convenient time to make the delivery to your base or your client’s home while keeping you updated on the progress.

We also deliver the sheds to worldwide locations, and we would be more than happy to quote a figure for the same, so be sure to contact us about this, where you have any questions.

Contact us today for more information on our wholesale sheds and dropshipping program. You can reach us by phone or email during our working hours. Alternatively, you could fill an online inquiry form, and one of our agents will get back to you on the same.