BBQ huts wholesale supplier


At Pineca B2B, we provide high-quality BBQ Huts at a wholesale price, with financing options available, thanks to our dropshipping program. Thanks to this business model, you do not have to own a warehouse or maintain an inventory. We will take care of the production of the buildings, their packaging as well as their delivery. Your role is to create a sales channel and attract clients.


Once you get an order, you forward it to us, and we ensure that your clients get a solid package in their home. The delivery period may take four to eight days for items that are in stock where your clients live in mainland England, France, or Wales. For other regions as well as in cases where the building is not in stock, the average delivery period lies between four to eight weeks. Here is what makes our buildings so unique.


Why Dropship With Us?

Add Pace to Your Business

With our dropshipping programme, you can start a successful business without much capital. Our partners enjoy an array of benefits.

Directly From Manufacturer

By cutting out the middleman and dealing with the manufacturer directly, you get better margins.

Product Warranty

All our products have warranty. If something goes wrong, we’ll handle all returns and repairs.

No Minimum Order

You can either make a single purchase or order our garden buildings in bulk and we will handle the rest for you.

Our Logistic and Storage

When you dropship, you don’t need to worry about storage space and logistics. We take care of that for you!

Delivery Options

We will deliver products to your customers’ doorstep or you can collect them from our warehouse in Hampshire.


We only use certified Nordic Pine or Scandinavian Spruce wood in the construction of our BBQ huts. This build ensures that they meet, if not exceed, the current market standards. The timber in play is slow-grown, which makes sure that it has a high density that adds to its durability. Additionally, we treat our wood before construction to ensure that it is resistant to rot and mold.  We also offer a ten-year anti-rot warranty for all our BBQ huts in this regard.

Included in the price of our BBQ huts are tongue and groove floor and roof boards which have a thickness of twenty millimeters. The floor base undergoes pressure treatment to ensure that it provides adequate support to the structure, thus adding to the longevity of the huts.


We make it possible for you to supply our huts to your clients fast through the provision of funding. You can repay the capital outlay over twelve to twenty-four months in monthly installments. We do this in partnership with Omni Capital Finance Limited who offer an APR of 4.9% at present. You need to fill out an online application form to qualify for the financing. We will provide you with an answer to the same in ten minutes or less, allowing you to get started on supplying your clients with our high-quality buildings.


Convenience is of the utmost importance in our delivery system and to achieve this, we deliver the huts in solid packages that offer safety and comfort to your clients. We take care of the delivery, and you thus reduce risks that you would have faced regarding damage to the buildings in transit. Our deliveries take place around the world. Where you are not in Europe or the Mainland UK, feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you with a quote on the same. We offer free deliveries in most of the Mainland UK and Europe, so be sure to contact us to see what applies in your case.

For more information on our BBQ huts and our drop shipping model, please reach out to us via email or phone during our working hours.