Carports wholesale supplier


Pineca B2B provides wholesale carports at an affordable price and flexible payment options thanks to our dropshipping program. We can provide the very best standards in the market, owing to our more than two decades in the wooden buildings manufacturing industry. This experience makes us the go-to when it comes to carport suppliers.


Our dropshipping program works such that you set up a sales channel and advertise our products to your clients. The beauty of this model is that you do not incur much when setting up the business as all you will need is a stable connection to the internet and a laptop. Once you get a request, you forward it to us, and we take care of the production, packaging, and delivery processes on your behalf. Where you lack adequate money to pay for the buildings, we have a finance partner who can help you with the capital that is repayable in monthly installments. Here is what makes our carports stand out in the market.


Why Dropship With Us?

Add Pace to Your Business

With our dropshipping programme, you can start a successful business without much capital. Our partners enjoy an array of benefits.

Directly From Manufacturer

By cutting out the middleman and dealing with the manufacturer directly, you get better margins.

Product Warranty

All our products have warranty. If something goes wrong, we’ll handle all returns and repairs.

No Minimum Order

You can either make a single purchase or order our garden buildings in bulk and we will handle the rest for you.

Our Logistic and Storage

When you dropship, you don’t need to worry about storage space and logistics. We take care of that for you!

Delivery Options

We will deliver products to your customers’ doorstep or you can collect them from our warehouse in Hampshire.


Our carports are not only about functionality, but they also meet the elegance standards in the market at present. Thus, your clients do not have to worry about having a functional eyesore in their outdoors. These are spaces designed to give adequate room to store cars as well as other materials while featuring insulation to maintain the temperature at an optimum. The insulation is important as it allows your clients to work in your garage, regardless of the season.

And in some cases, they can use the space for other uses other than storage. With insulation in play, they do not have to worry about problems of condensation. That’s the beauty of housing cars with a natural insulator such as timber.

What’s more, the Scandinavian Spruce or Nordic Pine wood that we use undergoes treatment processes to ensure that it is free from pests, humidity, and mushrooms.  We thus guarantee the durability of the structure. We, therefore, offer a ten-year anti-rot warranty on our carports. It is important to note that the carports come without a floor at a standard price.


People are moving towards the use of their carports for more than storage. As carport suppliers, we understand this trend all too well and have thus made changes to accommodate the shift. We, therefore, create spaces that your clients can use for a whole lot of things, including gaming and enjoying hobbies. The ventilation in play in the carports is adequate to ensure that they can lock themselves in the room without running the risk of suffocation, provided the engine is not on.


We will take hold of the reins from the moment that you make an inquiry, ensuring that you are up to date with all the phases and taking the bulk of the work from your hands. As a business person, this will enable you to focus your energy in attracting more customers as you handle other aspects of your business. We will manage the production, branding, and delivery processes, allowing you to enjoy tidy returns as a result.


We deliver the carports to your home or your base, depending on your preference. It takes an average of four to eight days to make the delivery if the carport is in stock and your client lives in France, Wales or Mainland England. For other places or where the carport is not in stock, the delivery period may take longer, and the average timing stands at four to eight weeks. The delivery takes place as per your client’s request, and we ensure that the carport gets to them in a solid package, which makes sure that they enjoy safety and comfort.

Competitive Pricing

We offer our carports to you straight from us, and you thus get them at a wholesale price, enabling you to save tons of money in the initial process. Additionally, we connect you to our financing partner who will provide you with the capital required at an affordable interest rate. You can repay the principal over twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months, thus allowing you to provide the very best to your clients.

You can reach us through our phone or email contacts during our working hours or leave an inquiry, and one of our agents will get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.