Garden rooms manufacturer


Of the garden room manufacturers in the market at present, PinecaB2B stands out owing to our well laid-out dropshipping program. It allows retailers to provide our high-quality buildings to the market at affordable rates.


What’s more, joining our program enables you to provide the very best quality in the market without maintaining an inventory or investing in a warehouse. We handle the production and delivery once you forward the order from the customer to us.

This program works such that your customers place orders on your site and you forward the same to us. We will deal with the packaging, branding, and delivery on your behalf, allowing you to incur little in the manner of costs during the whole process. What’s more, we provide financing options through a financing partner who offers a reasonable interest rate and the opportunity to repay the principal amount in installments.


Why Dropship With Us?

Add Pace to Your Business

With our dropshipping programme, you can start a successful business without much capital. Our partners enjoy an array of benefits.

Directly From Manufacturer

By cutting out the middleman and dealing with the manufacturer directly, you get better margins.

Product Warranty

All our products have warranty. If something goes wrong, we’ll handle all returns and repairs.

No Minimum Order

You can either make a single purchase or order our garden buildings in bulk and we will handle the rest for you.

Our Logistic and Storage

When you dropship, you don’t need to worry about storage space and logistics. We take care of that for you!

Delivery Options

We will deliver products to your customers’ doorstep or you can collect them from our warehouse in Hampshire.

Garden rooms wholesale supplier


Let’s suppose your clients need more space in their homes but wish to avoid the cost and intrusion that comes from extension activities. What option do they have in such a situation? Introducing our garden rooms, made of Nordic Pine or Scandinavian Spruce, designed to offer long-lasting solutions to space problems.

Our SIPS garden rooms feature insulation that makes them suitable for year-round use. They also have resistance to moisture and fungus, owing to the treatment processes that we have in place. Additionally, they are free of allergens and are resistant to fire.


These garden rooms are such that they can serve the desired purpose, e.g., office, gym, or sauna, while providing an aesthetic appeal to the outdoors, thus driving up the value of a home. They blend in with the environment with ease, so much so that they look like a part of the outdoors, allowing people to bathe in raw beauty each time they set foot in them.

At Pineca B2B, we offer garden rooms of all sizes. We have small spaces which work great for people looking to work from home and medium-sized ones for gyms, saunas, and playrooms. We also stock big ones which make for great entertainment spots in the outdoors. The options are endless, and we have lots of sample designs that will interest your clients in this regard. You will love that all our models are fully insulated to ensure that your clients and their loved ones can enjoy the spaces all year round.

If they wish, they could get a garden room which could serve as a guest room for when relatives and friends come visiting for the holidays.


Craftsmanship is of the essence in all our construction processes. Thus, you can rest assured that we will dedicate a lot of time and effort in ensuring that the spaces are well-finished. They also feature all the elements that you send to us regarding your client’s request. Elegance is one thing that will not miss in our buildings. Having been garden room manufacturers for the past two decades, we are all too familiar with what clients want to see in these rooms. We, therefore, put measures to ensure that they get the satisfaction that they very much deserve.


We have tons of options from which you can choose, and you can see the same on our website, in our offices or our showrooms in Italy and France. Here, you will come across our highly trained designers who will walk you through the models and what makes them stand out.


It helps to note that all our products come to you straight from us as the garden room manufacturer. You thus get them at a fair price that is devoid of hikes owing to go-betweens.

Customer Service

We take care of the entire process, and we will be by your side from the moment that you make an inquiry through to when we deliver the garden room. Where the garden room you wish to purchase is in stock, you can have it within four to eight days. Where the delivery will take place in Wales, mainland England, and France, this short delivery period is possible. For other regions as well as for when a product may not be in stock, the delivery takes place between four to eight weeks.


Feel free to reach out to us through phone or email or drop by our office or showrooms to see the different options. Stopping by our showrooms allows you to see the sample garden rooms as they are. With us, what you see is what you get as there will be no surprises during the delivery phase.

We look forward to speaking with you about our garden room options.