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Welcome to Pineca B2B, your trusted mobile homes manufacturer with more than twenty years of experience in building products that meet the highest market standards. Thanks to our dropshipping program, you too can be a provider of the very best in the market, thus carving out a niche for yourself.


Our program works such that we allow you to post our products on your site. Where you get a customer, you send the request our way, and we take care of the packaging and delivery. In this way, all you need to set up the business is a stable internet connection and a laptop, and you are ready. The upside to this program is that you can start providing products to the market devoid the need to have an inventory. You face less risk as we take care of production and delivery. What do our mobile homes have in store for you and your clients?


Mobile home MAX
The mobile home MAX provides plentiful natural light with cottage pane windows and doors all round. With the natural insulation and 44 mm thick walls, this unit will serve you well throughout the year, regardless of the weather. Whether you’re deciding to use this as a guest house, holiday haven, or permanent abode, this model is functional and appealing for that extra space.
Size 4.2m x 7.5m (25' x 14')
Wall 44 mm
Material Natural certified Nordic pine/ Scandinavian spruce
Mobile home ARGO
Offering nearly 30 m2 of space, the versatile ARGO cabin is perfect for family vacations, permanent living or for other functional uses such as a home business. The undercover terrace is ideal to keep enjoying the outdoor space irrespective of the weather. The natural insulation from the quality wood enhances the home’s comfort and warmth, while being naturally protected from external factors.
Size 5m x 8.7m (16' x 28.5')
Wall 44 mm
Material Natural certified Nordic pine/ Scandinavian spruce
Mobile home MEGAN
The MEGAN mobile unit is made from high-quality wood that undergoes a thorough treatment process to ensure your home is protected against pests, humidity, and mold. Offering sufficient living space with a bedroom, bathroom and dining area, this model allows ample sunlight and provides natural insulation. The sheltered terrace is sure to offer a place for hours of entertainment and relaxation.
Size 6m x 10m (20' x 33')
Wall 66 mm
Material Natural certified Nordic pine/ Scandinavian spruce
Mobile home LINCOLN
Using slow-grown quality wood, the LINCOLN offers natural insulation enhanced with 66 mm thick walls that maintains an optimal indoor temperature. And, with the added bonus of the covered terrace, this home can be enjoyed through any season. This unit offers abundant space over 70 m2 where you and your family can live on a permanent basis or use for vacations.
Size 6m x 12m (20' x 40')
Wall 66 mm
Material Natural certified Nordic pine/ Scandinavian spruce
Mobile home AVON
If you’re looking for extra accommodation on your property, the AVON mobile home has 90 m2 of comfortable and functional living space. The unit is strong and soundly built unit after being treated for protection against damaging organic elements while providing natural insulation. The added bonus is the sheltered terrace that provides an extended space for outdoor dining and entertainment.
Size 6m x 15m (20' x 50)
Wall 66 mm
Material Natural certified Nordic pine/ Scandinavian spruce
Mobile home Brighton
Large and spacious, the Brighton mobile home comes with unique and practical features including cottage pane windows and double doors. Suitable as a summerhouse, winter cabin, or for all-year living, this unit contains multiple rooms as well as a separate kitchen and bathroom. Built with care and quality, using high-density Scandinavian or Nordic wood, this cabin comes with durability guaranteed.
Size 6m x 15m (20' x 50')
Wall 66 mm
Material Natural certified Nordic pine/ Scandinavian spruce
Mobile home Boston
Going from big to biggest, the Boston mobile home is the perfect family choice. With eight different living and utility rooms, this cabin is a wonderful investment. Guaranteed wood protection and resilience will safeguard your home from harmful external factors while naturally insulating the interior. It’s the ideal home or holiday sanctuary that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.
Size 6m x 19m (20' x 63')
Wall 66 mm
Material Natural certified Nordic pine/ Scandinavian spruce

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Mobile homes are such that they are structures made for human habitation. They work such that not more than two parts of the houses should be separate and constructed in readiness for assembly on-site using tools such as bolts and clamps. What’s more, they should be stable enough to move by road from one region to the other without falling apart. People can move them by towing or having them on a trailer. Either way, the thing that matters most is that the structures remain stable in and after transit. It is what we strive to ensure is in play in all of our mobile homes.


We have various sizes available regarding the mobile homes, and you can go through the options that we have on our site. The biggest home that we have at the moment features a width of 6.8 meters and a depth of 20 meters. The internal ceiling height stands at 3.048 meters. We would be happy to walk you through the other available options.


Mobile homes are majorly temporary houses, and for this reason, there are stipulations that the bases should not be permanent in that they feature concrete grounds. The idea behind this is that this would make moving the homes difficult, especially for someone who wants to move around a lot. However, we have found a way around this such that we provide homes that are durable, stable, and movable by laying down gravel as well as floor barriers on concrete blocks. Yes, your customers can have their cake and eat it.


An essential issue with mobile homes is the need for planning permissions as well as the building regulations that apply to these homes. With these scenarios, we prefer knowing what the customer intends to do with the house. Say, for example, that your client wishes to use the space as a permanent residence, it is essential that they get planning permissions for the same. It will help them avoid problems with the authorities at a later date. The permissions should be in line with the current building regulations. Where the structure is not permanent, there is no need for such planning permissions. Thus, knowing what your client wants will go a long way in helping you advise them as to this accordingly.

Kindly note that the information above serves as a guideline and where you have any concerns as to the same, it is best that the client contacts a local planning authority. It will help you get a clear picture of what may be necessary. You could also contact us and have a chat with one of our experts as to the same.


All our mobile homes feature slow-grown Scandinavian spruce or Nordic pine wood construction. The slow-grown nature of the timber ensures that the wood has high density, and this assures your clients of long-lasting homes which they can pass down from one generation to the next. The price indicated for the mobile homes is inclusive of tongue and groove floor as well as roof boards. The boards measure twenty millimeters on their thickness. What’s more, the floor bases undergo pressure treating to ensure that they offer clients reliable support on which they can rely. Thanks to the treatment processes in place during the manufacturing stage, we can assure your clients of resistance to rot and to prove this, we offer a ten-year anti-rot warranty.

For more information, kindly contact us by phone or email during our working hours, or leave an inquiry on the same.