Modular homes manufacturer


Modular homes enable clients to save on time spent in construction. At Pineca B2B, we have a wide range of options from which you can choose and provide to the market at affordable prices thanks to our dropshipping program.


The business model works such that you can post our products on your site without maintaining them in your inventory. In this way, you only part with money when you have a customer for a given product.

And where you need financial assistance to process the order, we have a financing partner who provides funding that is repayable in up to two years. Risks associated with this business model are minimal seeing as you will not handle the production and delivery processes. This model leaves you with the task of sourcing clients as we will handle everything else.


Why Dropship With Us?

Add Pace to Your Business

With our dropshipping programme, you can start a successful business without much capital. Our partners enjoy an array of benefits.

Directly From Manufacturer

By cutting out the middleman and dealing with the manufacturer directly, you get better margins.

Product Warranty

All our products have warranty. If something goes wrong, we’ll handle all returns and repairs.

No Minimum Order

You can either make a single purchase or order our garden buildings in bulk and we will handle the rest for you.

Our Logistic and Storage

When you dropship, you don’t need to worry about storage space and logistics. We take care of that for you!

Delivery Options

We will deliver products to your customers’ doorstep or you can collect them from our warehouse in Hampshire.

Modular homes wholesale supplier


We have been in the business for over twenty years, using Nordic Pine and Scandinavian Spruce in our long-lasting buildings. We are thus modular home manufacturers with the know-how on how to approach such constructions. Our homes feature tongue and groove floor and roof boards, save for the Rennes, and garages and carports. You will be happy to know that we use interchangeable opposite walls on most of our cabins, which is a feature that will stand out to your clients.

Where your clients wish to enhance the durability of the modular homes, we provide Firestone EPDM roof covering. It can last for as many as five decades, thus giving the homes longevity. Additionally, this covering is resistant to fire and does not call for much effort regarding maintenance over time.


As a modular home manufacturer, we can attest to the difference such a home makes as compared to an on-site building, and the same goes for our clients. Think of it in this way. You come to us with a request from your customer, and you leave the bulk of the work to us. As such, you can go on about other activities while we ensure that the product is ready in time.

In some cases, the product that you want may already be in stock. You can have it in four to eight days where the delivery is taking place in mainland England, Wales, and France. For most of the products which may not be in stock, the average delivery time is between four and eight weeks. This period is quite minimal when compared to the time it would take to build a traditional house. Thanks to these time savings, you can provide tons of modular homes to your clients at reasonable prices, thus boosting your business.


What you see is what you get with this modular home manufacturer. The buildings that you will see in our site or office or showroom are what you will get when you ask for delivery. Thus, no surprises are waiting for you in the future. We have superior finishes for all our products, which ensures that the homes serve not only you but also the generations that will follow. And we have warranties to match the assurances such as our ten-year anti-rot warranty.


Delivery takes place as per the requirements of your customers, and we can bring the homes to your base or the clients’ homes. You will be happy to know that the packaging will bear your details as the retailer. The delivery packaging is solid such that the parts are not separate, which will make assembly of the buildings easy, thus assuring you of safety and comfort.

Why Go Modular?

We weatherproof our homes, and we treat the wood to ensure that it is resistant to humidity and pests and you should thus not face destruction from the same. What’s more, we thermally insulate our spaces to make them comfortable for year-round use, and this adds to savings regarding utility costs. And finally, you get to do away with performance gap issues, which aids significantly in delivery periods, especially for a business person.

You can reach us via phone or email during our working hours. Alternatively, you can fill an inquiry form, and one of our agents will reach out to you regarding the same. Contact us today at Pineca, and together, let’s get started on this highly rewarding journey.